6th Year Anniversary Message from SUPER JUNIOR !!!







To E.L.F.

Super Jr. has already! or finally? spent the period of 6 years with you~

Of course…it’s 5 and a half years for me… Hahaha~ But I’m also Super Junior so it’s 6 years for me too ^_^

There were many happy memories or memories that I want to erase but I pray that there will only be happy memories in the future!

During the rest of our long time togehter, don’t cheat on me! Let’s be together! I love you E.L.F.^_^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ




11.11.6. Ryeowook

E.L.F. who have been with us for 6 years.

I love you and I’m also grateful~ I’m really happy.

Let us continue.




You guys who are now our companions are the best.

I believe that we will continue to walk together in the future.




I love you!! You amazing people.





It’s already been 6 years since we started loving each other!!

Continue that in the future! >3< I’m infused in E.L.F.




Congratulations!! Super Junior’s 6th year anniversary!!

Since 2005.11.6.  Kkugoong~ (It’s a sound effect)

I’m Super Junior Shindong.

It’s been a while…

I won.. Fool…

When I was young..

If I wrote..

Love paper.. Style..

ㅋㅋㅋ.. Love paper..

(Exchange diary?)…


To. E.L.F.

It has already been 6 years…

I’m sorry always… Now I came to my senses..

I’m so embarrassed..  But thank you for believing me until the end..

I won’t make it more difficult for you so don’t worry…

Actually, I don’t say this often normally… I love you…

I’m going to work hard so let’s do everything together…

Everyone…E.L.F. Let’s be together~




To. E.L.F.

Our 6th year anniversary~

Let’s love each other more!





Super Jr.


Someone who I feel grateful for and is so lovely.

E.L.F.!! Super Junior has already become 6 years old.

SJ and E.L.F.  Let’s write more new history together in the future!





Daebak!!! Super Junior’s 6th year anniversary!!!

Who will stop us!!  We are the best SJ.

Regardless of who it is who it is, the record says it all ^_^

Don’t forget that I love you!

Don’t forget that I like you!

Don’t forget that there’s only you!

Wow!! 6th year anniversary

If there were no E.L.F., we wouldn’t exist!

Don’t forget that we’ll continue to be together in the future!

Don’t cheat on me!

Should we get married??

I love you E.L.F.




Source: SJ official website 


Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM



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